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  • June2nd

    Today we embark on a family vacation in our Roo.  We are all looking forward to it so much!  Kyle needed to travel to Los Angeles for the E3 Conference and we decided to go as a family and tack on some camping at the front and back ends.  In case you haven’t heard, my hubbie’s game is one of the most anticipated games this year, so you’ll probably want to check it out.  :)

    I will try to keep the blog updated as much as possible while I’m gone, although I’m not exactly known for that.   Don’t give up on us though, we will be back!

  • May9th

    Last summer, Kyle and I found a little race car kit at a garage sale that you could put together and then paint.  The paints were missing, but for a buck, who cares?  The rest was intact and we gave it to Kade for Christmas.  Back in February, Kade and his dad spent a Saturday afternoon assembling it.  It was great and provided a lot of entertainment, but who wouldn’t want to add a little personal touch with paint, right?  I finally got around to getting the paints out the other day and Kade went to work.

    It was very serious business…at the beginning.


    This then gave way to song.  I wasn’t able to capture the entire concert, this is more like the final encore.  He was singing about doing what is “good and right” because I had told him not to mix the paint colors and brushes, and he was obeying that instruction.  On a side note, we may watch a bit too much American Idol / X Factor, as he has learned how to “perform”.

    [qt:/videos/racetrack.mov 660 500]
    The final product – he’s so proud of it.  Best $1 gift for Dad & Son ever!  :)


  • February20th

    Valentine, Cookies, Love, Family, Preschool, Homeschool

    In the last post I promised to show what our learning block on Love & Family looked like, so here’s a little recap.

    Valentine, Cookies, Love, Family, Preschool, Homeschool

    Kitchen activities are always a hit!  Kade helped me make and frost sugar cookies.  He got his own pile of dough and cut out some hearts and even made a “dad” cookie.  Then he got to frost and decorate them however he wanted.  (I thought about having him do this as I was simultaneously frosting 4 dozen other cookies to save time…but luckily I came to my senses and decided he should enjoy this project separately, for my own sanity.)  Initially, the “dad” cookie was decorated with eyes, nose and mouth…but drizzling the frosting was just too much fun and they got covered up.

    Valentine, Cookies, Love, Family, Preschool, Homeschool

    Berlin’s version of frosted sugar cookies…Cheerios dipped in pink frosting.

    For one of our art projects, he drew a picture of our family with “special” colored pencils.  You can tell he might be a bit Type A/OCD because each family member was drawn with the same pencils in the same order because that’s how the colored pencils were lined up in the box.  Gray head, purple body, orange hair, yellow eyes, etc…

    preschool, family, homeschool, love, family

    To help learn about what titles boys can have versus girls, we went outside and traced the outline of our bodies with sidewalk chalk.  Then we labeled them with things like daughter, son, nephew, niece, grandson and mom.  Then to help figure out his own family tree, we made decorated popsicle sticks as family members and talked about his aunts, uncles, cousins and more.

    popsicle sticks, love, family, preschool, craft, homeschool

    popsicle sticks, love, family, preschool, craft, homeschool

    For our math activity, I introduced number families.  The “Twenty Family” lives in the black house, the “Seventy Family” lives in the yellow house and so on.  I like this layout because it’s so easy to see the progression and understand that the twenty family comes after the tens, just like two comes after one.

    chart, math, homeschool, preschool, love, family

    For our character trait this week, the obvious choice was Love.  We talked about love for our family, specifically Miriam’s love for Moses (thank you VeggieTales – you teach valuable life lessons and let me get a shower!).  We even did a weaving project to talk about Moses’ basket.  Below he’s reciting our verse of the week.

    [qt:/videos/1John419.mov 660 500]