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  • July15th

    salt flats-3

    Since we were driving by the Bonneville Salt Flats for the fourth time in six months, I had my heart set on stopping for a photo op.  Kyle obliged with minimal eye rolling.

    salt flats-8

    It was around 5:30pm when we stopped and HOT, HOT, HOT!  But since we were pulling our house-on-wheels, we just drove out onto the flats and hooked up the generator.  That gave us air conditioning and a microwave, so we heated up leftovers and ate in a climate controlled Roo.  (I’m aware that we are pansies, yes.)

    salt flats-5

    salt flats-9

    The kids had a blast exploring the sticky white powdery stuff that wasn’t snow.

    salt flats-6

    Jessie even broke out a bit of Gangnam style.

    salt flats-4

    The toys they’re holding are souvenirs from Glenwood Caverns.  A stuffed raccoon that rides in its own purse (Jessie named her “Cozy”) and a pincher grabber toy (which Woody named “Picker-Upper-Today”).  BEST TOY NAMES EVER!

    salt flats-1

    I didn’t think the intense sun reflecting off all that white salt would do much for Buzz’s fair skin, so he hung out in the Jeep until the Roo was cooled off.  But that didn’t stop him from being ridiculously cute!

    In my opinion, taking the 15 minute detour to stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats is well worth it.  You know you secretly want to floor that minivan and set your own land speed record! :) But seriously, it’s beautiful in its own way; a little eery, a little peaceful.

    salt flats-2

  • July12th

    glenwood caverns-5

    On our last day of camping with Omama and Opa, we took a trip to Glenwood Springs to visit the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  We took a looong gondola ride to the top of Iron Mountain and enjoyed the panoramic views of the Rockies.

    At the top is an old western town to explore.  They offer thrill rides and 4D movies, but since the kids were so young we stuck with the maze through the old fort and a couple smaller rides.  
    glenwood caverns-7 glenwood caverns-8

    The kids got a HUGE kick out of the funny mirrors, to be honest…I did too.

    glenwood caverns-3

    glenwood caverns-4

    glenwood caverns-1

    As the name implies, there were caves to tour and I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids.  We opted out of the crawl-on-your-belly tour, but the Historic Fairy Cave and the Kings Row Cave were beautiful and interesting to learn about.  When you exited at the top, the view was incredible!

    glenwood caverns-2

    Even napless Buzz managed to stay happy!
    glenwood caverns-6

  • July11th


    After touring the Country Boy Gold Mine, we drove to a beautiful little campground right outside of Redstone, Colorado.  Although it was a popular place (nearly every spot was full while we were there), it was still so quiet and secluded.  I had reserved a shared camping spot for our Roo and the In-Laws’ RV, and it worked out great!  Room for all the vehicles but still close enough that the kids could go over to Omama’s and Opa’s for breakfast every morning.


    I’m sure camping with family could be a traumatizing experience for some, but we’ve had smooth sailing each time we go.  That’s primarily due to Kurt and Tammy being so relaxed and laid back about what we do.  When traveling with Littles, it seems that nothing ever really goes according to a schedule and you always have to consider your day being about half as long as normal since they all need naps at some point.  But Kurt and Tammy just left all the planning to us and were willing to go with the flow each day.


    Logistically, we had a rough agenda for each day but left lots of room for flexibility.  We even had an entire day of ‘nothing’ to let the kids just play and nap and not have to sit in their carseats.  For meals, each family unit did their own breakfasts and lunches and then we ate the dinner meal together.  Since we camped four nights, each family was in charge of cooking two meals.


    Pretty much every waking moment we were at the campsite that was not taken up with eating, the kids were out exploring the meadow…looking for bugs, animals and treasures.  We were lucky enough to spot a deer one morning.  The grass was tall enough that if they laid down it was difficult to see them, so they invented their own version of hide-and-seek.


    On the ‘nothing’ day, we went into Redstone to wander around the cute shops and inn.  It’s an old coal mining town and these are the coke ovens situated right at the entrance to the town.


    Opa and the kids played at the playground, while Omama and I checked out the antique shop.


    File:General store and adjacent building, Redstone, CO.jpg

    It was such a beautiful area and the little town was so quaint!  I fell in love.  We even checked out a property that was for sale there…  It wasn’t meant to be this time around, but who knows what the future holds.  ;)


  • July5th

    country boy mine-2

    The big adventure on our second day camping was visiting the Country Boy Gold Mine in Breckenridge.  I married Kyle for better or worse, in sickness and in health.  Part of the worse/sickness is his inexplicable infatuation with ridiculous gold mining shows.  We’ve seen gold mined in Alaska, in the ocean, in the jungles of Africa, in South America…the drama that surrounds each show is unending, and to be honest, more than I can take.  However, seeing history in real life is something I do love.  This stop had something for everyone.

    country boy mine-1

    We took a tour of the mine itself, which was fun.  It was crazy to see, feel and hear about the working conditions the men, and even young boys, worked in.

    country boy mine-7

    After the tour we all got a chance to pan for gold, but sadly came up empty handed.  I thought I’d won the jackpot though since no one fell in.

    country boy mine-3

    The slide down the old mine shaft was definitely Woody’s favorite part!

    country boy mine-8

    country boy mine-9

    country boy mine-5

    But Jessie liked picking out her bag of souvenir rocks, every one of them pink.  This was a great stop for the kids: lots of history, lots of hands on, and again, an absolutely beautiful drive getting there.

    country boy mine-4