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    Today the love of my life turns 32!  It’s crazy to think that we met TWELVE years ago.  Back then he was enrolled (attendance was somewhat erratic) at a junior college in my home town and working at a call center.  I was taking a year off of school to pay down school loans and went to work at the same call center.  He’s not the type to take things slow nor does he lack confidence, so he asked me out only a few days after we’d met.  My response, “I’d never date a guy like you!” Possibly a bit harsh.  Don’t get me wrong – I thought he was cute, super funny, really great to talk to, just too “wild”.  But there’s just something so enticing about that bad boy image.  Especially when you find out that he’s not really a bad boy after all.  Like Anne of Green Gables says, “I wouldn’t marry anyone who was really wicked, but I think I’d like it if he could be wicked and wouldn’t.”

    We both worked the late shift which gave us lots of time to hash out the world’s problems and I realized that this guy was like no one I’d ever met before.  He was so smart and wasn’t afraid to get into really deep life changing conversations.  He was witty and silly and sarcastic and didn’t take himself too seriously.  He seemed fearless and dared to say the most outrageous things.  He loved his family, and more importantly loved and followed God.  Over the next four years, as we dated long distance (sometimes 100 miles apart, sometimes over 5,o00, but mostly from Los Angeles to Colorado) I discovered his incredible strength of character, his eternal optimism, and his desire and strange ability to help me grow into a better woman.


    Marrying him almost 8 years ago was one of the most thrilling days of my entire life and the beginning of the greatest adventure I’ve ever known.  His passion makes our life experiences “epic” and it’s impossible to be bored living with him.  He drives me mad sometimes, but falling asleep next to him at night is the most comforting thing I can imagine.  He is truly my best friend and I am so thankful that God brought us together to share the rest of our lives.  Happy Birthday, my Love!