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I got some fun feedback after I posted about our Homeschool Preschool so I figured I’d show you a little more in depth another one of our topics, the Four Seasons.  Before you start thinking that every week has this much detail, I’ll confess that “Christmas” preschool has been a lot more about decorating the house, Christmas music, and food.  Essentials, I know!  But not exactly classified as academic learning, but then again, I guess I kind of like that.  Variety is good…sometimes incredibly disorganized and chaotic, but good!

If you live in a place that actually has four seasons you may be asking yourself why you would need to “teach” about the Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.  Isn’t that a lot like spending a week learning that there is Daytime and Nighttime??  However, here in NorCal we have only three seasons: Hot, Warm, and Light Jacket.  So we had to take measures to ensure that he knew what that white stuff was when we go to Colorado for Christmas.

We started out the week with this blank poster on the pantry door.  Thanks to my Cameo, it took all of 2 minutes to cut out words and trees and paste them on.  Then I did my best to incorporate a variety of methods for learning: reading, crafting, hands on, work papers, outdoors, etc.

The first thing we did was to read some books about seasons and watch a couple cute videos on YouTube, to get an overall picture.  Then we talked about the trees and how they change each season.  He drew some buds on the Spring tree, we glued some tissue leaves on the Summer tree, stamped leaves on and off of the Fall tree, and then added glitter for frost on the Winter tree.

Next we talked about birthdays and wrote down whose family birthday was in each season.  And talked about a holiday in each season: Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  This helped with the hands on activities, too.  We dyed Easter eggs, lit fireworks and sparklers, gathered leaves on a walk around the neighborhood and cut out snowflakes.

After that, we talked about the weather in each season and decided a little dress-up might be fun.

Of course, there was an abundance of “preschool papers” for each season too and we just kept adding it all to our poster until we ended up with this on Friday.

No matter which season we were talking about, we always had our little ray of sunshine.  Thanks Berlin!  It was a great week, so fun.  See what planning gets me?  Time to add it to the resolution list in January. :)



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    I want to do preschool too!

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