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So the last few weeks in our Homeschool Preschool, we’ve been studying the food pyramid.  Kade has really loved this unit.  He often “helps” me cook (usually by supervising from his post on the chair next to the counter), loves putting away groceries and especially, sorting pretend food (yes, he sorts it more than he plays with it).

I downloaded the free Food Pyramid PDF file from Montessori For Everyone and used that as a basis for our activities.  We did a few activities relating to this:

  • sorted our pretend food into a pyramid
  • cut out pictures of food from cooking magazines and sorted them into “healthy” and “not healthy” piles and talked about why
  • “dissected” a few meals to find out what group the items we were eating were a part of

I also used their Whole & Half Fruit PDF file and was amazed at how many fruits Kade knew.  I’m pretty sure I did not know what a mango looked like until I was well into my teens.  :)  Montessori For Everyone is a great site; I absolutely love the free resources and ideas for Montessori materials without the high price tag.  If you haven’t been there, take some time to look around and I’m sure you’ll find something you’re preschooler is into.

As for the food study, we did a few other fun activities.  The little artist drew a few pictures of his favorite foods, we made some pasta art and also learned about the people who handle food (farmers, transporters, grocery workers, chefs, etc).  For better or worse, he loves watching the Iron Chef show and through that is learning about all kinds of fun things, although his “plating” could still use some work.  :)  It’s been such a fun and easy study, being that he’s naturally interested in it.

There were so many activities, we couldn’t get to all of them…but maybe on a free afternoon this summer.

  • Whipped-Cream Finger Painting (whipped cream and food coloring in a cookie sheet)
  • Corn-Cob Rolling (corn cobs rolled in tempera paint, make art on butcher paper)
  • Cheese & Fruit Sculptures (use toothpicks, cheese cubes and fruit to create your own masterpiece)
  • Food Collage (rice, beans, seeds, colored salts, or pasta – glue to construction paper in your own design)
  • Painted Toast (tint milk with food coloring, have child paint milk onto bread, then toast for edible art)
Try out a few of these activities if you want and be sure to let me know of any food-related activities that were a hit with your kids.  I’d love to try them!


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  • Comment by Marmie — June 1, 2012 @ 8:46 PM

    So sweet that he is learning that variety is the spice of life. Grandpa Dan wants to know why steak and potatoes takes so many categories!

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