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We made it back home last night, but I thought I’d post about the rest of our trip before my pregnancy brain lets it slip away forever.  Our last day in LA, the kids and I went to Petersen Automotive Museum.  This was a super fun day, and to think I’d never even heard of the place living in LA!

The first floor was beautifully done.  It was set up to give a history of the automobile and the cars, as well as the sets, were amazing!

My favorite, of course, was the red convertible and Kade’s favorite was the bright yellow one below.

This was a solar car, built in the ’80′s.  Gotta love it!

Half of the second floor was dedicated to “Hollywood” cars, famous ones from the movies.  This one brought back my childhood crush on Michael Keaton’s Batman.

The other half was all “fancy” Italian cars (yes, I’m a total car girl, can’t you tell?) :P

But the best floor of all was on top, the entire thing was dedicated to kids.  On one side, they could figure out how a car works and play with gadgets and gears; the other side had cars to climb on, story books, building blocks of all kinds, and a wall of cars for the kids to color!

Kade and Berlin were in heaven!

The day ended at Johnny Rockets.  Kade saw someone order Fanta across the way and with the widest eyes I’ve ever seen said “What is THAT!!!”  We had to order it.  ;)


  • Comment by Abbie — June 12, 2012 @ 8:33 PM

    so fun!! also, i have to say it is obvious that you are a great mom…..but the thing that really tells me you are a FABULOUS mom, (besides all the fun things you do)- is the fact that Kade has dirty fingernails! seriously, i can tell that boy had the time of his life and there was no time for cleaning fingernails! love it!! (at least this is what i try to tell myself when luke & ava both look like they live in a coal mine!! you notice how i actually saw those fingernails….obviously a sign of my own need for validation that dirty kids=happy kids?? hehe :)

  • Comment by Marmie — June 14, 2012 @ 2:54 AM

    How cool! You’ve done more learning this week than will ever fit into a curriculum guide. :)

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