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The second half of our Mother’s Day camping adventure was spent in Santa Cruz.  We had been a few times before…once to the Mystery Spot with Omama

and once to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but never to the Boardwalk.

Kade really, really wanted to walk on the beach so Kyle took him out while the Sleeping Beauty and I stayed back.

It was a beautiful day and as long as you kept your eyes up, you could remember that.  But when you stared in front of you and tried to maneuver the stroller through the crowd of hot and cranky people, it wasn’t quite as lovely.  I’m sure my sense of smell is heightened due to pregnancy, but literally I felt like I was suffocating with every breath.  The mix of Kettle Corn, hot dogs, nachos, urine, funnel cakes, body odor and cotton candy was not pleasant.

We decided to let Kade enjoy a few rides and then call it a day.

By far, being a pilot was the biggest thrill.  He had so much fun, he had to do it twice.  After that we made the hike back to the Jeep and headed home.

 It was a wonderful weekend, thanks to a completely impetuous choice.  Hooray for the unscripted events in life!

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  • Comment by Megan — May 22, 2012 @ 8:13 AM

    am I the only person who find its rather tongue in cheek that you’re having your son fly around in the Red Baron’s plane? Especially after all these ‘master race’ comments… *ahem* :)

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