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On July 4th, it’s tradition to watch the Hometown Parade.  We all go in and pick the same spot of grass on the one mile route that our family has congregated on for the last 40 years.

Then despite the soaring temperatures and blazing sun, we settle in to welcome the rodeo queens, farm equipment and El Jebels with our warmest waves.

There’s always lots of participants and the “floats” can range from a local politician in a convertible to a business advertising to a class reunion relaxing on a flat bed in lawn chairs to painted high schoolers.  The one thing you can count on though, is lots of candy being tossed out to all the spectators.

At first we couldn’t figure out why Kade and Berlin weren’t more excited about the candy, but then we realized we were telling them to break all kinds of rules!

  1. Run out into the street alone
  2. Take food from strangers
  3. Go toward the police cars and fire trucks that have sirens blaring


Another guarantee with this parade is the water fight that happens between the fire trucks and a guy I went to high school with.  It’s his parent’s lawn that we always camp out on and although you’d think 7 fire trucks against one man with a hose would be an unfair fight, he always manages to douse them pretty good.  As for everyone else sitting on that corner…well, you don’t sit there unless you want to get wet!

It’s always such a fun and ridiculous time rolled together in one.  There’s something sentimental about it that always makes me wish I lived a little bit closer, or at least in a small rural town where tractors drive down the streets, even if it’s only once a year.  I know it’s July 10th and that there’s always something going on politically that we don’t agree with, but go ahead and thank God today for the freedoms we have in the great U.S. of A.



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