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Birthday Candles

In just a few short weeks, my darling baby will be turning 2!  I can’t believe how fast 730 days have flown by!!  Even he knows he’s not a baby anymore because whenever I try to cradle him in my arms like an infant and rock him, he says “No, Big Boy!” and squirms around until he’s upright.  So I’ve decided I have no choice but to get on the toddler bandwagon and start party planning.  A few weeks ago, I decided to go with a “coloring” theme since he’s such a little artist.  At this stage, colors are definitely his favorite toy and so I figured he’d enjoy it.

I started looking around online for different invitation ideas and stumbled upon what may be the greatest “coloring invite” idea I’ve ever seen.  It’s from Chica and Jo.  You download blank labels for six crayons and then add your party details; then just print the labels and wrap the appropriate crayon.  I printed the labels on sticky paper to make the wrapping a bit easier and they suggested I leave the original crayon wrappers on, as wrapping wax could get a little messy.  It worked great.

The only difficulty I ran into is that once six more layers of paper were added to the crayons, it was a kind of a tight fit in the Crayola box.  When you opened the box from the top, you had to take the crayons out one by one and then they weren’t in the order I put them in which made the invitation not make any sense, especially if the unsuspecting recipient had no idea why  I was sending them a random box of crayons.  So Kyle suggested I cut the box in half with a razor blade and just to make things a little bit clearer, I made up a sticker to add to the front that said “Open Me!”.  That worked perfectly, because now the tight fitting crayons stayed snugly inside the base and the top easily slipped off to reveal the party details.

I was really pleased with how it turned out and am trying to figure out how I can make crayon invites applicable to all gatherings now.  :)


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