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A Step Up

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I can’t believe how fast my baby is turning into a little boy!  But it’s happening whether or not I’m ready, so I’m trying to be on board.  I found a scuffy old step stool at my favorite flea market and gave it a quick paint job.  Nothing to fancy, which I think threw Kyle off.  He kept asking if I wanted to route the edges or maybe cut a design into the sides.  But I liked the plain look for this one.  I saw a really cute idea for making a crochet cover, but until I learn how to crochet that idea is on hold.


Kade seems to like it.  It’s small enough that he can pick it up and move it around the bathroom and he’s so proud to climb up on it and wash his hands.


The funniest is watching him try to hang on to the soap.  Who knew soap could fly?  Now I do.  And when the time comes, I think it will help him climb up on the toilet too.  In the mean time, I just couldn’t help but grab a few shots of a kid in diaper and socks stretching his limbs out as long as possible to play in the water.


1 Comment

  • Comment by Megan — March 18, 2010 @ 3:48 PM

    Oh my goodness! When did that kid get so big?? That’s ridiculously cute! I really like the step stool too. That’s hilarious that Kyle didn’t believe you

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